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Publication Materials

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This sub-series contains material related to PB’s published books, including correspondence with publishers, contract and rights information, editing corrections, book jackets, and publication blurbs.

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Book Jackets

Protective book jackets for PB's published books.

Copyright Info on PB's Books

Also includes information Kenneth collected about copyright renewal.

KTH to PBPF Rights Transfer

Kenneth Hurst transfers the rights for PB's material, after his death, to the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.

Lists of PB's Publications

Compiled by Kenneth posthumously.

Original Book Contracts

Signed and dated original publishing contracts for PB's books.

Publication Blurbs 1

Advertising and promotional material for PB's books.

Publication Blurbs 2

Advertising and promotional material for PB's books.

Publishing Letters and Book Corrections

Copyedits for reprints of PB's books, and some letters between PB and his publishers. Material donated by Kenneth Hurst - contains many photocopies.