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The Archives
Paul Brunton

Welcome to the largest archive of Paul Brunton's life and work. This website is the digital complement of the physical archive available in the Cornell University Library.

Paul Brunton's Writing

This series is primarily composed of Brunton’s unpublished writings, created mostly during the last 40 years of his life. He organized his philosophic subjects into a twenty-eight category “Idea Series,” which make up the bulk of his writings. There are also published articles, research notes, interviews, and personal writing.

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Biographical and Secondary Materials

This series focuses on Paul Brunton’s life more than on his writing, and was organized posthumously by the archivists. It contains official documents, publishing paperwork, information he kept about his family and friends, a small selection of his extensive newspaper clipping collection, and material written by others about Brunton, including the journals of his wife Evangeline Glass.

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This series mostly includes letters to Paul Brunton from readers, as well as acquaintances, friends, and family. The letters between Brunton and his son Kenneth Hurst have been compiled in chronological order. With the exception of the Kenneth Hurst files, very few letters have Brunton’s replies.

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Visual Media

This series includes photos, negatives, and other images from Paul Brunton’s life and travels, with dates and location information where available.

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Paul Brunton’s Travel Library

In order to save space and bring more reference material with him on his travels, Brunton rebound articles and books that particularly interested him, combining multiple works into each hardcover volume.

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