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Peers and Acquaintances

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This sub-series contains material either by or about PB’s contemporaries, such as Ramana Maharshi, Ananda Metteya, Martinus, Zohmah Charlot, and the Greek royal family.

You can use keywords to filter the list below:

Ananda Metteya Articles

Xeroxes of various articles by PB's teacher Ananda Metteya, aka Allan Bennet.

Anna Bornstein's Bhagavad Gita Study Guide

Bornstein wrote study guides in to accompany many of PB's books in Sweden - this study guide is not for one of PB's books, but it mentions PB several times and appears to be meant for use along with study of PB's work.

Autobiography of Johnny Love-Wisdom

Love-Wisdom was a vitarian (fruititarian) who was acquainted with PB.

Beacon Light of the Himalayas

Excerpts from a publication that was given out as a souvenir at a spiritual development conference in Cochin in 1955, put on by followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Contains many pictures.

Greek Royalty Clips

PB was a personal friend and advisor to the Greek royal family, and kept a number of newspaper clippings related to them.

Greek Royalty Materials

Most of this material is either handwritten or retyped. It includes an essay written by Queen Fredericka in 1944.

Insight School of Yoga - The Higher Teachings of Yoga

PB consulted with the author on this material. It is based on "Insight School of Yoga - Lessons" which can be found in the PB's Travel Library series.

Legends and Frescos of Mt. Athos

A small hand-bound, typed manuscript with hand-numbered pages. It appears to be an English translation of a published work (1928) by Franz Spunda, originally titled Der heilige Berg Athos: Landschaft und Legende.

Martinus 'Humanity...' with PB Commentary

Includes a foreword to "Humanity and the Picture of the Universe" written by PB.

Martinus Commentary

Most of this file is commentaries written by Erik Garner Larsson, some of which is in para format and uses Roman numerals in a similar style to PB's categories.

Martinus Extracts

Includes interviews and teaching from "PB's private initiation".

Memories of Dr Paul Brunton (by Milada Capkova)

This file contains translations of some of the letters in the book "Memories of Dr Paul Brunton," translated by Marie Folprecht. The book was published in 2006, and the letters are from around 1937-1947. They detail some of the history of the Czech study groups that formed around PB's writing.

Notes with Saswitha - Evangeline Glass

This file is entirely handwritten by Evangeline from her visits with Saswitha, and is primarily philosophical notes.

Ramana Maharshi Materials

This file contains a mixture of handwritten and typed notes about Ramana Maharshi and his teachings, as well as newspaper clippings about him. We tried to put all of the newspaper clippings at the back of the file.

The Shadow of Atlantis Manuscript

A typed volume written by Col. A Braghine. This may be a pre-publication review copy - it has a publication date of 1938, by The Mayflower Press, but the text is printed only on one side of each page, the papers are not bound, and the page numbers are missing in the table of contents. It has PB's library bookplate glued into the front cover.

The White Brother by Michael Juste

Photocopied pages from The White Brother. The annotations in this document are not by PB. One bit of marginalia is by Anthony Damiani, but the underlines are not his. The annotations claim that Kenneth Hurst confirmed that the character David in this work is actually PB, and references to David have been underlined.

Zohmah Charlot Diary Provenance (2007)

Letter to Tim Smith from the University of Hawai'i, who provided photocopies of material from the Jean Charlot Papers in their collection.

Zohmah Diary 1934

Diary of Zohmah Day Charlot, briefly PB's neighbour in the UK.

Zohmah Diary 1935

Diary of Zohmah Day Charlot, briefly PB's neighbour in the UK.

Zohmah Diary 1937-1938

Diary of Zohmah Day Charlot, briefly PB's neighbour in the UK.

Zohmah Letters

Includes letters written by PB from India.

Zohmah Novella

An unpublished novella featuring a character based on PB.