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This sub-series contains files that did not fit easily into any other grouping. “New Categories Drafts” is of particular importance to those interested in PB’s process of organizing his writings. “List of PB’s Bookplated Books” may be of interest to someone wanting to know what PB was reading.

You can use keywords to filter the list below:

List of PB's Bookplated Books

Print-out of a list of PB's books found in the Wisdom's Goldenrod Annex, created in 2008 by Jeanne Stone. The contents of this list do not overlap with the Bound Books Series in this archive.

Logo and Stationary Drafts

Draft pages for a custom stationary letterhead.

Miscellaneous Glass-Talcott Items

PB's old wallet and some uncategorizable scraps of paper.

New Categories Drafts (PB and Tim)

PB and Timothy Smith's work on overhauling PB's 28 categories.

New Categories Drafts (Posthumous)

Notes by the Wisdom's Goldenrod community that further refine PB's 28 categories, after PB's passing - this work was part of the publication of The Notebooks.

Pictorial Guide to Pagan

Publication from 1955 about the monuments of Pagan, a historical empire in Burma.

Uncategorizable Materials

Various category-resistant items.