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Loose Photos (Oversized)

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The Loose Photo Series came in part from the original PBPF photo collection – photos which for unknown reasons were not included in the original binders – and in part from other sources. These photos are organized into seven size categories. There are three additional categories: "Clips" (for portraits taken from pamphlets and other clippings), "A Wanderer in Angkor" (a photo album put together by PB from his trip to Angkor, which we have preserved in its original form), and "Oversized Negatives and Slides." Due to their size, these negatives have been kept within this group. The remaining negatives corresponding to the Loose Photo Series were incorporated into the PBPF Negatives group.

You can use keywords to filter the list below:

Anthony Damiani

Photograph of Anthony Damiani, color. (Possibly Middlebury, Vermont in October 1984, with Michael Eisman)

Charlie Chaplin autographed portrait

Headshot photograph of Charlie Chaplin signed: "To Paul. From, Charlie. Beverly Hills Cal. USA" with "Autrey Hollywood" as a photographer's insignia. B&W. In series with: PA3-055.

Dr. Ottoman Zar Hanish

Portrait Photograph of a sketch of Dr. Ottoman Zar Hanish, with a signature on the front. B&W (Annotated: "Dr. Ottoman Zar Hanish")

Heggere Temple in Mysore

Photograph of the entrance to the Heggere Temple in Mysore, B&W. Annotated: "Heggere Temple, Mysore"

Ishanya Swamigal illustration

Portrait illustration of Ishanya Swamigal, captioned: "ISHANYA SWAMIGAL: of Tiruvannamalai, South India. He lived in the 18th Century. During his periods of deep meditation people observed that a couple of tigers often visited him and behaved respectfully to him," B&W

Jumma Masjid at Seringapatam

Photograph, annotated: "Jumma Masjid at Seringapatam - view," B&W. In series with: PA5-205.

Maharaja of Mysore on Mt. Vesuvius

Trimmed photograph the Maharaja of Mysore, with dogs and another person, with Mount Vesuvius smoking in the background. B&W, annotated: "at Mt Vesuvius"

Man with downturned eyes

Framed portrait photograph of a man with downturned eyes, annotated: "Bhagwandas," B&W

Mandala of Kalachakra

Print of the Mandala of Kalachakra, with a drawing of buildings and bicycles on the back and a quote: "MY HEART SOARS LIKE A BIRD THAT YOU ARE WITH US AMONG THESE TREES. LIZ". Ink on paper.

Plane over pyramids - "A Search in Secret Egypt Frontispiece"

Photograph, annotated: "Photo by E.A.A.F. View of the Pyramids with Misr Airwork Airplane flying over the region," "A Search in Secret Egypt Frontispiece," and "Acknowledgment by special authorisatio of H.E. The Minister of War and Marine of Egypt," B&W

Prince Amrawala of Bagasra seated in lotus position

Photograph of Prince Amrawala of Bagasra, annotated: "With respects from Amrawala. Bagasra. Kathiawar, 21-5-37," B&W

Restauration Du Hièron D'Esculape

Panoramic Photo-reproduction of the "Restauration Du Hièron D'Esculape," by Virginia & Nicholas Tombazi, of Psychico Athens. B&W

Sathya Sai Baba - 2

Portrait photograph of Sathya Sai Baba in front of seven-headed snake statue, color

Sculpture of Swami Satchidananda, worldly sage

Photograph of a sculpture of Swami Satchidananda by Erna Rose King, "'WORLDLY SAGE' Height: 18" Antique Bronze Finish by Erna Rose King; This work is a reduced version of the original life-size sculpture by the same artist," B&W

Seated woman (Villa of of Mysteries Fresco, Pompeii)

Photograph taken in the Villa of the Mysteries of one of the frescos featuring a seated woman, color

Shankaracharya Temple, Sringeri

Photograph, annotated: "Shankaracharya Temple, Sringeri," B&W

Shankaracharya Temple, Sringeri

Photograph, annotated: "Shankaracharya Temple, Sringeri," B&W

Sketch of PB

Facsimile of a hand-drawn sketch of PB, B&W.

Statue of Gommatesvara, 57 feet high, at Sravana-Belgola, Mysore State

Photograph, annotated: "Statue of Gommatesvara, 57 feet high, at Sravana-Belgola, Mysore State," in scaffolding, B&W.

Statue of Sri Shankaracharya

Photograph, annotated: "Statue of Sri Shakaracharya, Sringeri Monestary," B&W.

Tahra Bey's eyes

Close-up photograph of Tahra Bey's eyes, stamped: "Manoug Beyrouth," and "Dr. Tahra Bey, Hadeth Lebanon," B&W

Tempe - Portrait of Chela

Photograph, annotated: "Tempe - Portrait of Chela," B&W

Temple at Somanathpur - Mysore

Photograph, annotated: "Temple at Somnathpur, Mysore," B&W. In series with: PA5-171.

The Great Pyramid

Photograph, annotated: "Pyramids of Giza," "The Great Pyramid and the…," "complete Pyramid + Sky," and "Great Pyramid," semi-color

The Great Sphinx of Giza

Aerial photograph of the Great Sphinx of Giza and other nearby buildings, B&W

The Supreme Monk of Siam

Portrait photograph, annotated: "The Supreme Monk of Siam," B&W. In series with: PA1-100.

Viranarayana Temple at Belavadi

Photograph, annotated: "Viranarayana Temple at Belavadi - Front View," B&W.

William Quan Judge

Oval portrait photograph of William Quan Judge, one of the founders of the original Theosophical Society, B&W