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Loose Photos (Clips)

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The Loose Photo Series came in part from the original PBPF photo collection – photos which for unknown reasons were not included in the original binders – and in part from other sources. These photos are organized into seven size categories. There are three additional categories: "Clips" (for portraits taken from pamphlets and other clippings), "A Wanderer in Angkor" (a photo album put together by PB from his trip to Angkor, which we have preserved in its original form), and "Oversized Negatives and Slides." Due to their size, these negatives have been kept within this group. The remaining negatives corresponding to the Loose Photo Series were incorporated into the PBPF Negatives group.

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Editor: Ramdas

Portrait, captioned: "Editor: Ramdas," sepiatone

Four portraits: Luis Teran Gomz, Swami Satyananda Ph.D, Dr. Paul Twitchell, Charles Utinger

Portrait photoduplications of headshots, captioned: "Mr. Luis Teran Gomz, Bolivia; Swami Satyananda Ph. D., President, Pure Life Society, Malaya; Dr. Paul Twitchell, Member, Ruhani Satsang of America. U. S. A.; Mr. Charles Utinger, Switzerland," B&W. Back reads: "Rev Founder nakano as seen saying a world of welcome at the opening ceremony of the Eigth World Religions Congress."

Four portraits: Rimaelvo Ardoino, N.M. Naseem Saifi, S. Vahiduddin, M.I. Khalil Imam

Photoduplication of four portraits, captioned: "Dr. Rimaelvo Ardoino, Uruguay; Mr N. M. Naseem Saifi, W Africa; Dr. S. Vahiduddin, India; Mr. M. I. Khalil Imam, Africa," B&W. Back reads: "Rev Founder as seen greeting at Reporting-Ceremony for the Establishment of the World United Religious Academy which was performed at the Ananaikyo Headquarters on January 5th, 1957."

Four portraits: Shree Pandit Sheonarain Vias, M. H. Shah Naqvie, Marta Ducker-Samulon, Edward Miles

Photoduplication of four portraits, captioned: "Shree Pandit Sheonarain Vias, India; Mr. M. H. Shah Naqvie, Pakistan; Mrs. Marta Ducker-Samulon, The World Citizens' League, Germany; Mr. Edward Miles, Voice of The Hour, U.S.A.," B&W. Back reads: "Recent Picture of Rev Founder Nakano

Four portraits: T. N. Venkataraman Sri Ramanaraman, Mohammed F. Mohammed Auard, John K. Boateng, Charles Witt

Portrait photoduplications of headshots, captioned "T. N. Venkataraman Sri Ramanaraman, India; Mr. Mohammed F. Mohammed Auard, Egypt; Mr. John K. Boateng, Universal Brotherhood, Gold Coast; Mr. Charles Witt, Crusading For Health, England," B&W. Back is captioned: "Rev. Founder Nakano putting on classical birthday celebration robes on last July 23rd."

Four portraits: T.S. Khanna, Swami M. Baba, Shri C.M. Jagabhaiwala, Edith A. Webb

Photoduplication of four portraits: "Mr. T S. Khanna, Ruhani Satsang of America, U. S. A.; Swami M. Baba, India; Shri C M. Jagabhaiwala, The Bihari Mills Limited, India; Mrs. Edith A. Webb, England," B&W. Back reads: "Rev Founder Nakano as seen delivering his opinions on the Agendum."

His Highness Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar Bahadur, G.C.S.I., G.B.E., Maharaja of Mysore

Portrait photoduplication, captioned: "His Highness Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar Bahadur, G.C.S.I., G.B.E. Maharaja of Mysore 1895-1940; Born: 4th June 1884, Died: 3rd August 1940," B&W. In series with: PA4-109.

J. Krishnamurti

Portrait of a young man, captioned: "J. Krishnamurti," B&W

Sadhu T. L. Vaswani

Portrait, captioned: "Sadhu T. L. Vaswani" in an oval marquee, B&W

Sri Aurobindo

Oval print of photograph portrait of Sri Aurobindo, mono-chrome (orange/sepia). In series with: PA1-344.

Sri Dada Maharaj

Portrait, captioned: "Sri Dada Maharaj" seated holding a book, B&W

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Portrait, captioned: "Sri Ramana Maharshi," seated outside on a leopard skin rug, B&W

Sri Taki Maharaj

Portrait photoduplication, captioned: "Sri Taki Maharaj," monochromatic (orange).

Swami Anandashram

Portrait, captioned: "Swami Anandashram, Chitrapur Math," sepiatone

Swami Sadananda Gorakhpur

Portrait photoduplication, captioned: "Swami Sadananda Gorakhpur," B&W

Three portraits: Prof S.N. Sharma and Jean Brown, Vasant V Merchant, Andre H. Chatillon

Photoduplication of three portraits, captioned: "Prof. S. N. Sharma of India and Miss Jean Brown in England; Miss Vasant V Merchant, India; Mr. Andre H. Chatillon, Switzerland," B&W. Back reads: "Rev Founder Nakano, much interested in astronomy, recently visited the Kazan Observatory of Kyoto University for an observation."