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Loose Photos (5''X7'')

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The Loose Photo Series came in part from the original PBPF photo collection – photos which for unknown reasons were not included in the original binders – and in part from other sources. These photos are organized into seven size categories. There are three additional categories: "Clips" (for portraits taken from pamphlets and other clippings), "A Wanderer in Angkor" (a photo album put together by PB from his trip to Angkor, which we have preserved in its original form), and "Oversized Negatives and Slides." Due to their size, these negatives have been kept within this group. The remaining negatives corresponding to the Loose Photo Series were incorporated into the PBPF Negatives group.

You can use keywords to filter the list below:

M. at the foot of the Bel-tree at Dakshineswar

Clipping portrait photograph, annotated: "M. at the foot of the Bel-tree at Dakshineswar on February 23, 1927," B&W. ("M" is possibly Ramana Maharshi)

Man in a turban being carried by other men

Photograph of a man in a turban being carried by other men up a rocky path, B&W.

PB portrait

Headshot photograph of PB in suit and tie, B&W.

PB portrait

Photograph portrait of older PB in a suit and burgundy bow tie, color

PB seated on a bench outside

Photograph of PB seated on a white bench outside, B&W. In series with: PA6-157. (Possibly Martinus' garden in Denmark)

PB standing outside

Photograph of PB standing outside, B&W. (Possibly Martinus' garden in Denmark)

Tahra Bey

Photograph portrait of Tahra Bey, B&W

Young PB seated on outside on stones on hillside

Photograph of young PB sitting outside in the sun on a hillside on stones, wearing a suit and hat, B&W.