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Loose Photos (3''X3'')

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The Loose Photo Series came in part from the original PBPF photo collection – photos which for unknown reasons were not included in the original binders – and in part from other sources. These photos are organized into seven size categories. There are three additional categories: "Clips" (for portraits taken from pamphlets and other clippings), "A Wanderer in Angkor" (a photo album put together by PB from his trip to Angkor, which we have preserved in its original form), and "Oversized Negatives and Slides." Due to their size, these negatives have been kept within this group. The remaining negatives corresponding to the Loose Photo Series were incorporated into the PBPF Negatives group.

You can use keywords to filter the list below:

Young PB standing outside

Photograph of young PB standing outside in a suit and tie in the sun in front of a body of water and railing (negative says "Young PB on boat") noted with yellow and blue notations, B&W

PB standing on balcony

Photograph of PB standing on a balcony, color. (Possibly PB's apartment in Lugano, Switzerland)

PB standing outside in front of tall trees

Photograph of young PB standing outside in a suit in front of tall trees, B&W

PB playing with monkey

Photograph of PB standing outside in the sun playing with a monkey with a thatched-roof hut in the background, B&W.

Photo of PB painting

Cropped photograph of a framed painting of PB, annotated: "1967, 3 weeks," B&W

Torn passport ID photo of young PB

Torn photograph of PB from passport or identification document, Back of photograph reads: "…QUOTA … nonprefere[nce] … NOT TRANS[FERRABLE] … IDENTIFICA[TION] … N IMMIGRANT … STATES" B&W

PB seated on ground beneath tree with fronds

Damaged photograph of PB in a suit, seated cross-legged beneath a tree, color

PB portrait

Headshot photograph of PB in suit and tie, B&W.

PB with V.S. Iyer and Swami Siddheswarananda

Photograph of Swami Siddheswarananda, V.S. Iyer, and PB (in linen suit with pith helmet), B&W

Headshot of a man

Headshot photograph of a man, B&W

Yogi Ramiah walking

Cropped photograph of Yogi Ramiah walking beside huts with two people beneath the hut, B&W. In series with: PA3-051, PA9-007.

Snake charmer with seated audience

Photograph a snake charmer standing in front of a group of people while holding a snake, B&W

Two people near doorway, Morocco

Photograph of two people near doorway, annotated: "Morocco," B&W

Virupaksha Cave, Arunachala - Thatched roof

Photograph of a thatched roof at Virupaksha Cave in Arunachala, with the hill in the background, B&W. Annotated: "Virupaksha Cave, Arunachala"

Little Mosque (modern)

Photograph of the exterior of a "Little Mosque (modern)" with arches and columns, B&W.

Land of Confucius

A small postage stamp-sized picture of a Chinese Warrior, captioned: "Land of Confucius," color.


A small postage stamp-sized picture of a Buddha statue, captioned: "Buddhism," color.


A small postage stamp-sized picture of a man praying at an altar, captioned: "Hinduism," color.

El Azhar Univeristy - Cairo

Photograph of students seated on the floor, annotated: "El Azhar University, Cairo," B&W

Bas Relief from Karnak Temple

Photograph of a close-up of the Bas Relief in Karnak Temple, Egypt, B&W. Annotated: "Karnak Temple," and crossed-out: "Kom Ombom." (Possibly the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris)

Cairo-Mosque Kait Bey

Photograph, captioned: "No. 13 Cairo-Mosque Kait Bey," B&W

Sheikh Moussa holding a scorpion

Close-up photograph of Sheikh Moussa holding a scorpion, B&W. In series with: AF-037.

Cairo Citadel

Photograph of the Cairo Citadel, B&W. Annotated: "Cairo"

Cairo - Saint's Tomb

Photograph of a Saint's Tomb in Cairo with people gathering water in front of the tomb, B&W. Annotated: "Cairo, Saint's tomb"

Mecca - ornate pointed structure with tassels

Photograph of an ornate pointed structure with tassels, annotated: "Mecca," B&W. (Possibly an Egyptian Mahmal)

Veiled woman

Portrait photograph of a veiled woman, B&W

Temple of Medinet-Habu

Photograph of a relief-covered entrance of the Temple of Medinet-Habu in Thebes, B&W. Annotated: "Temple of Medinet-Habu"

Photograph of PB and a boy outside

Photograph of PB and a boy standing in front of a wall of leaves, both smiling.