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Janina Brunton Photos

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The Loose Photo Series came in part from the original PBPF photo collection – photos which for unknown reasons were not included in the original binders – and in part from other sources. These photos are organized into seven size categories. There are three additional categories: "Clips" (for portraits taken from pamphlets and other clippings), "A Wanderer in Angkor" (a photo album put together by PB from his trip to Angkor, which we have preserved in its original form), and "Oversized Negatives and Slides." Due to their size, these negatives have been kept within this group. The remaining negatives corresponding to the Loose Photo Series were incorporated into the PBPF Negatives group.

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Janina Brunton in a group photo

Group portrait of seven adults and three children, annotated "Janina & the Cure", B&W.

Janina Brunton sitting on a bench

Photograph of Janina Brunton sitting on a metal bench in front of a brick building, annotated "Janina", B&W.

Janina Brunton sitting on a stone step

The right side of a photograph cut in two - Janina is visible sitting on a step, looking at another woman who is mostly cut out of the image. Annotated "Janina", B&W.

Janina Brunton walking down city street smiling

Photograph of Janina Brunton walking down a city street, annotated in French, B&W.

Janina Brunton with three women in France

Group portait of four women standing in front of a shop window, annotated in French, B&W.