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Glass-Talcott Photos (4''X4.5'')

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The Glass-Talcott (GT) Photos were donated to this collection by Evangeline Glass and Melody Talcott. We have organized their photographs into nine size categories, rather than by content.

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A Temple Scribe statue

Captioned in "The Search For Secret India": "A Temple Scribe". Corresponding Negative: AF-080. B&W.

Amenhotep II statue

Annotated: "Amenhotep II protected by the Uraeus goddess (XVIII dynasty)". B&W.

Asakusa Park in Tokyo

Annotated: "Asakusa Park - Tokyo". B&W.

Asakusa Temple in Tokyo

Annotated: "Asakusa Temple - Tokyo". B&W.

Batavia, Dutch East Indies (present-day Jakarta, Indonesia)

Annotated: "Batavia - Early Morning". B&W.

Bektashi Monastery

Annotated: "Bektashi Monastery, Mokattam Hills nr. Cairo. Another huge cave hewn in solid rock of hillside". B&W.

Bird carving

Indecipherable annotation. B&W.

Boats on inland sea of Japan

Annotated: "Inland Sea of Japan". B&W.

Boats on inland sea of Japan

Annotated: "Inland Sea of Japan" . B&W.

Brindavan Gardens at Krishna Raja Sagara

Annotated: "illuminated gardens at Krishnarasagar Dam" (typed) and "Brindaban Gardens Krishnaraga Dam Mysore" (by hand). B&W.

Building in Cairo

Annotated: "Cairo: Modern building in ancient Egyptian style". B&W.

Burning joss money at temple

Annotated: "Burning joss money in temple". B&W.

Cairo Citadel

Annotated: "The Citadel - Cairo". B&W.

Cairo street scene with Mosque of Sultan al-Muayyad in the background

Annotated: "Street scene - El Moayad mosque - Cairo". B&W.

Canton Harbor

Annotated: "Canton Harbor". B&W.

Canton Harbor

Annotated: "Canton Harbor". B&W.

Canton street

Annotated: "An old Canton street". B&W.

Canton Street Scene

Annotated: "Canton". B&W.

Canton Temple Idols

Annotated: "Temple Idols Canton". B&W.

Carvings on Dream Stele of Thutmose IV

Print, captioned in "The Search For Secret India": "Carvings on Thothmes IV Stele, which stands in front of the sphinx" (captioned in SSE). Corresponding Negative: AF-016. B&W.

Chinese bazaar

Annotated: "Chinese bazaar". B&W.

Chinese bazaar

Annotated: "Bazaar". B&W.

Chinese junk

Junk (Chinese sailing ship) at sea, annotated: "junk" . B&W.

Chinese junk

Annotated: "Chinese junk" . B&W.

Chinese junk

Annotated: "junk" . B&W.

Chinese junk

Chinese junk at sunset, possibly on South China Sea. Annotated: "China sea at sunset". B&W.

Chinese junk

Annotated: "Chinese junk". B&W.

Chinese junk on the Huangpo River

Chinese junk on the Huangpo River (formerly romanized as Whangpoo). Annotated: "on the Whangpoo river". B&W.

Chinese junk on the Huangpo River

Annotated: "Whangpoo junk". B&W.

Chinese junks

Annotated: "Chinese junks" . B&W.

Chinese temple

Annotated: "Chinese temple". B&W.

Chinese temple

Annotated: "Temple" . B&W.

Chinese temple

Three tiered roofed temple; portrait, annotated: "temple" . B&W.

Chinese temple

Annotated: "Chinese temple" . B&W.

Chinese temple in Singapore

Annotated: "Chinese Temple - Singapore". B&W.

Chinese temple interior

Chinese temple interior with ornate doors and two wheelchairs, annotated: "Chinese temple". B&W.

Chinese temple monastery

Annotated: "Temple monastery". B&W.

Chinese woman at temple

Annotated: "Temple". B&W.

Cleopatra at Dendera Temple Complex

Annotated: "Cleopatra's Wall, Egypt". B&W.

Coconut grove in Penang

Annotated: "Coconut Grove - Panang". B&W.

Coconut plantation

Annotated: "Coconut Plantation - Penang". B&W.

Columns at Saqqara

Saqqara (Sakkara or Saccara in English). Annotated: "Sakkara". Corresponding Negative: AF-085. B&W.

Dancing Hall

Annotated: "Stone step and Dancing Hall" (typed). B&W.

Dendera Temple Complex

Annotated: "Denderah". Corresponding Negative: AF-026. B&W.

Dendera wall

Annotated: "Dendera - Ptolemi offering to Isis and Horus". B&W.

Desert road to Suez

Annotated: "Desert road to Suez - Napoleon's tower in distance". B&W.

Doorway in Abydos

Annotated: "Abydos". Corresponding Negative: AF-013. B&W.

Egyptian house

Annotated: "Kurma, Upper Egypt - picturesque little house on desert edge". B&W.

Egyptian house

Annotated: "Typical Egyptian house at Keneh". Corresponding Negative: AF-049. B&W.

Egyptian mansion

Annotated: "Modern mansion ancient egyptian style on Pyramid road, close up" . B&W.

Elephant and man

Annotated: "Colombo" . B&W.

Elephant and man

Annotated: "A trained elephant, Ceylon". B&W.

Entrance Passage, Great Pyramid of Giza

Three men at entrance Passage, Great Pyramid of Giza, annotated: "Entrance to "Cheops" - Cairo," . B&W.

Evangeline with man

Man in Scottish garb and kilt with Evangeline in sari. B&W.

Fakir's Hut

Annotated: "Woman Fakir's hut beyond Luxor". B&W.

Flower Pagoda at Canton

Annotated: "Canton - The Flower Pagoda". B&W.

Giza pyramid complex

Annotated: "Pyramids at dawn, Cairo". B&W.

Golden Buddha

Annotated: "Golden Buddha - Penang" . B&W.

Great Diabutsu in Kamakura

Annotated: "Great Diabutsu, Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Great Sphinx of Giza

Corresponding Negative: AF-022. B&W.

Great Sphinx of Giza

Corresponding Negative: AF-062. B&W.

Great Sphinx of Giza

Annotated: "The Sphinx, Cairo" . B&W.

Guanyin shrine

Annotated: "Wayside shrine to Kwanyin". B&W.

Hase-kannon (Hase-dera) in Kamakura

Annotated: "Hasekannon, Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Hatshepsut Obelisk

Annotated: "Karnak Temple Obelisk", captioned in "The Search For Secret India": "Hatshepsut Obelisk in Temple of Amen". Corresponding Negative: AF-008. B&W.

Himalayan Glacier

Annotated: "A glacier in the Himalayas". B&W.

Hindu god statue in Singapore

Annotated: "Hindu God - Singapore" . B&W.

Holy men playing flute

Annotated: "Holy men playing Flute" (typed). B&W.

Imperial Theater

Annotated: "Imperial Theatre - Tokyo" . B&W.


Annotated: "Jerusalem" . B&W.

Kamakura shrine

Annotated: "Kamakura shrine, Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Karnak Temple Complex

Annotated: "Karnak - Hypostyle Hall". Corresponding Negative: AF-030. B&W.

Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura

Annotated: "Kenchoji Temple Kamakura" (typed) . B&W.

Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto

Annotated: "Kiyomizu temple- Kyoto" . B&W.

Kobe street

Annotated: "Shady shopping street Kobe". B&W.

Lion carving

Annotated: "The god SHU as the Twin Lions of The Upper + Lower heaven signified strength and vigilance and acted, in the Book of the Dead, as the conductors of the Sun on his way". Corresponding Negative: AF-036. B&W.

Malay fishing village in Penang

Annotated: "Malay Fishing Village - Penang". B&W.

Malay Junk in Penang

Annotated: "Malay Junk - Penang". B&W.

Man offering incense in Kobe

Annotated: "Offering Incense - Kobe". B&W.

Mayazan Tenjo-ji temple in Kobe

Annotated: "Temple at Maya San - Kobe" . B&W.

Mt. Fuji from Gotemba

Annotated: "Mt. Fuji from Gotemba" (typed). B&W.

Mt. Fuji from Kamakurayama

Annotated: "Mt. Fuji from Kamakurayama" and "Kamakura Japan" (typed). B&W.

Mt. Fuji from Lake Shojin

Annotated: "Mt. Fuji from Lake Shojin" (typed). B&W.

Napoleon's tower on desert road to Suez

Annotated: "Napoleon's tower on desert road to Suez". B&W.

Older PB

PB by column, older, with cap. Color.

PB on balcony

PB outside on balcony of apartment building. Color.

Penang beach

Annotated: "Along the beach at Penang". B&W.

People by palms in Egypt

Annotated: "Egypt". Corresponding Negative: AF-067. B&W.

People on board a ferry boat on the Nile

people and donkey, annotated: "Nile - on board a ferry boat" . B&W.

Pillar in Abydos

Annotated: "Abydos" . B&W.

Pillars in Abydos

Annotated: "Abydos". B&W.

Pir Panjal Mountains

Annotated: "Pir Panjal Mountains Kashmir" (typed). B&W.

Pompey's Pillar

Annotated: "Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria". Corresponding Negative: AF-050. B&W.

Queen's Road, Hong Kong

Annotated: "Queens Rd Hong Kong". B&W.

Ramesses' Head

Annotated: "Head of Rameses Egypt". B&W.

Roof of the Temple of Edfu

Annotated: "On the roof of the temple of Edfu". Corresponding Negative: AF-063. B&W.


Annotated: "Luxor Lady Hermit, perspective from Interior of hut - Sheikha Ismail Achmed". B&W.

Ruins in Abydos

Annotated: "Abydos". Corresponding Negative: AF-019. B&W.

Sacred Bull of Mysore

Annotated: "Chamundi - the Sacred Bull of Mysore". B&W.

Sacred Deer of Nara

Annotated: "Sacred Deer of Nara". B&W.

Sampans at Canton

Annotated: "Sampans at Canton". B&W.

Sheikh Moussa

Blurry man in white and black dress, with white turban. Corresponding Negative: AF-041. B&W.

Shinto Shrine in Kobe

Annotated: "Shinto Shrine - Kobe" . B&W.

Shinto Temple in Kobe

Annotated: "Shinto Temple - Kobe". B&W.


Annotated: "Co-" (cut off - probably said "Cochin State"). B&W.

Snake Temple in Penang

Annotated: "Snake Temple - Penang". B&W.

Snake temple in Penang

Annotated: "'Snake temple' altar with living snakes Penang'" (typed). B&W.

Snake Temple in Penang

Annotated: "'Temple of the Snake' Penang numerous living snakes inside". B&W.

Statues at Chieng San

Annotated: "Ancient statues at Chieng San, North Siam-Burma border" (typed) and "Chiangsean (up country)" (by hand). B&W.

Stepped pyramid at Saqqara

Annotated: "Sakkara". Corresponding Negative: AF-075. B&W.

Suwa Shrine in Nagasaki

Annotated: "Suwa Shine, Nagasaki" (typed). B&W.

Temple altar

Annotated: "Temple altar". B&W.

Temple fair in Kobe

Annotated: "Temple fair - Kobe". B&W.

Temple Kinkaku in Kyoto

Annotated: "Temple Kinkaku Kyoto" (typed). B&W.

Temple of Edfu

Annotated: "Edfu". B&W.

Temple of Edfu

Annotated: "Temple of Edfu". Corresponding Negative: AF-059. B&W.

Temple of Edfu

Annotated: "Temple of Edfu". Corresponding Negative: AF-060. B&W.

Temple of Kom Ombo

Annotated: "Kom Ombo" . B&W.

Temple of Kom Ombo

Annotated: "Kom Ombo Temple". Corresponding Negative: AF-007. B&W.

Temple of the Sphinx

Annotated: "Temple of the Sphinx - Gizah". B&W.

The Daibutsu of Kamakura

Annotated: "The Daibutsu of Kamakura" . B&W.

The Daibutsu of Kobe

Annotated: "The Daibutsu - Kobe, Japan". B&W.

The Sphinx of Memphis

Also known as The Alabaster Sphinx. Annotated: "Memphis". Corresponding Negative: AF-042. B&W.

The Taiko-Bridge at Hachiman Shrine in Kamakura

Annotated: "The Taiko-Brige Hachiman Shrine Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

The Temple of King Sethos I

Annotated: "Abydos - temple of Sethos". B&W.

Tomb Wall Painting

Annotated: "Tomb Wall Painting, Seti 1st - Valley of the Kins (reign BC 1313 - 1392)," captioned in "The Search For Secret India": "snakes on tomb wall-painting". Corresponding negative: AF-052. B&W.

Tomb Wall Painting

Captioned in "The Search For Secret India": "Ladies of ancient egypt as depicted on tomb wall-paintings". Corresponding Negative: AF-058. B&W.

Torii at Hachiman Shrine in Kamakura

Annotated: "Big tori at Hachiman Shrine Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu

Annotated: "Tsuruga Oka Hachiman shrine Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu

Annotated: "Tsurugoaka Hachiman shrine Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Valley of the Kings

Annotated: "Valley of Tombs". Corresponding Negative: AF-001. B&W.

View from roof of the Temple of Edfu

Annotated: "View from the roof, including village, Temple of Edfu". B&W.

View of Shichiri Beach and Enoshima

Annotated: "Shichiri Beach and Enoshima" (typed). B&W.

Wall in Cairo

Ornately carved wall, annotated: "Cairo" . B&W.

Woman and child in Cairo

Annotated: "Moslem woman + child - Cairo". B&W.

Woman at temple altar

Annotated: "Temple altar" . B&W.

Woman praying in Kobe

Annotated: "Woman at prayer, Kobe". B&W.

Yoritomo's tomb

Annotated: "Graveyard Yoritomo Kamakura" (typed). B&W.

Young PB

Photo of PB with top left and top cut off. Annotated: "Di hasgor? Adolf Just's 'Return to Nature'". B&W.